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Annapurna Studios invests Rs 100 cr

, April 17, 2012, 0 Comments

Film actors Nagarjuna Promoted Annapurna Studios invested Rs 100 cr to develop mega large facility with international production and post-production facilities. As of now company plans to develop One lakh sq. ft. of space.

About Annapurna

Started in 1976, Annapurna is an anchor studio in Hyderabad with 22-acres of space and played a major role in Telugu film industry shift to Andhra Pradesh from neighboring Tamil Nadu. Annapurna studio have state of the art facility and equipped to meet the requirements of film production in a digital era.

Out of total outlay of Rs. 100 cr, Promoters spent Rs 25 crore and borrowed Rs 75 crore from banks to fund the new blocks with five studios.

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