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Jet Airways reconfigures 5 Boeing 777 to help buttress ASKM

, November 5, 2012, 0 Comments

Jet-AirwaysJet Airways Ltd is reconfiguring five Boeing 777 aircraft to add 34 seats in the economy section of each plane.

Jet Airways has leased out five other Boeing 777 aircraft to Thai Airways. The lease agreements for these expire in 2013-14 (Apr-Mar), and the company is already in dialogue with various entities to sign new lease agreements

A company sources told on condition of anonymity, that fleet capacity of its low-cost service JetLite has declined because the lease of several aircraft had expired.

Restructuring will increase our number of economy seats by about 34 seats, and that will help buttress the ASKMs (available seats per kilometre) – K.G. Vishwanath, VP – commercial strategy

Jet Airways have 46 (Boeing) 737 planes on order, the first 15 out of which we have already entered into a sale and lease back transaction with lessors.

Airline will take delivery of four A330-300 aircraft by March, which will replace two A330-200s.

Huge Debt
As of Sep 30, the airline had total debt of around $2.3 bln on its books, down from $2.6 bln in March, and $2.4 bln in June. Jet Airways plans to lower the debt further to around $1.9 bln by Mar 31, 2013.