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Place for spirituality in this hectic world

, December 1, 2012, 0 Comments

Being is being ONESELF. It is our natural state. It is only because we have forgotten it that we need spirituality – a means to awaken. The pace of our life is of no consequence. It is its state that matters. The entire journey from ‘I’ to ‘Mineness’ is a journey that begins with the false notion of ‘I’ an identity.The ignorance of our own nature is strengthened by our every action that is rooted in our will originating from this ‘I’. It is only when we are in a natural state of yearning to discover purpose or meaning of life that our journey as an aspirant begins. This journey is a spiritual life. Once we embark on this path with devotion everything simply happens.

When we through our own self inquiry, realise that it our sense of identity that sets us apart from everything. Our entire world is collage of innumerable fragments of identifiable objects. These ‘objects’ are not only those that are inanimate but everything that is an object of perception.

The objectification of the world is the process of identification with the Object by the Observer through the process of Observation.

Observation necessitates the ‘Observer’, ‘Observation’ and the ‘Observed’. If we introspect we find that our entire world has been objectified by us and perceived and experienced as name and form. We see that we do it not only with the world outside but of with our world within.

Whether I observe a person, a flower, a grain of sand or I observe my body, my breath, sensation of taste, touch, my thoughts, ability to decide – I can with awareness know that I am observing it. Once this realization dawns, then I realize very quickly that everything is outside me.

Anything I can perceive or experience, presupposes the existence of the ‘Observer’, ‘Observation’ and the ‘Observed’. It is then that we realize that we are the Self that is witnesses everything – we understand that life and the world we live in is an ocean of experience.

It is only when we awaken to a realisation that everything we perceive, feel, know is through our mind-body complex do we realise the inherent limitation of our experience. Everything we know, feel, believe is from a standpoint of our identity. If for a moment I lose my memory, the entire matrix of relationships and identities vanishes.

I do not even know my likes and dislikes and yet I exist, I live.

Being spiritual is to live each moment in totality. To be ‘total’ there can be no division. Each moment is present to be lived with joy. We are naturally filled with gratitude for the miracle of life and all that it has to offer. We are awestruck at the perfection – how from a tiny seed comes into being the massive Banyan tree or at the immutable laws of this universe.

Its pure magic and we are living it. This moment of realisation opens our heart to abundance joy, gratitude and quest for perfection. We live with knowledge of our blessed life.

We are then at our best, without any distractions of any modifications fabricated by our mind. Our intellect is sharp, unimpeded; our spirit soars and takes us to realms of a divine life. The entire journey is awakening to the Self.

When we direct our attention to the expression of the Self, the world of multitude comes into being and when we are rested in the Self, there is no other. In this simple yet profound realisation is our homecoming. We then live as the expression of the Self, as light being undifferentiated from the sun. Then no matter the highs, lows, hectic demands of life, we are unaffected and at our best – knowing that everything is Grace.