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Working with a micromanager

, March 8, 2013, 0 Comments

You probably had a boss who was always breathing down your neck or a manager who kept telling you what to do or how to do your job. Are you currently working for someone like this? Or worse, are you a micromanager yourself?

We have all experienced micromanaging at our workplaces or maybe even at home with an anxious mother or an over enthusiastic father? Didn’t like it right? So, if you are the micromanaging types, it’s time to let go. Better still learn when to let go.

Micromanagement is a management style where the manager observes the task being executed with great attention; sweats the minor details and is generally working with the notion that the person himself/herself can do the job better. We all know what micromanagement is and depending on the stage at which you are in your career you may or may not appreciate this style.

For a fresher, straight out of campus, being looked after and guided is appreciated. Some managers think that this calls for micromanagement when in fact the coaching style is required in this situation. For those who are at a more mature stage in his/her career, this style can be demotivating and does not trust the expertise or experience of the person. Further, this style may encourage people to leave the job, plan the exit strategy and leave him/her asking the question “Why was I hired?”

A potential outcome of micromanagement is stress. A micromanager not only is under stress to complete his/her own tasks, but also that of others. So in the end, a micromanager is stretched for time and may ultimately not deliver a quality outcome. This stress is also passed on to the team members who are frustrated and may begin hating their job.

The above two factors lead to other hindrances like lower performance, a tarnished reputation for the manager and a slow or no growth in profits.

If you are the leader:

  • Understandably as a leader you are worried about your team performance,  the bottom line and also your own bonus and promotion but remember others are also interested in their growth and reputation so learn to trust
  • If someone is not performing as expected maybe send them for some learning and development courses but don’t micromanage
  • For your own physical and mental health learn to delegate and you’ll have more time and less stress. You will become happier and will be liked better
  • Ask for some kind of help to get out of this habit and change your style. Learn and Know when to let go…
  • Remember; don’t sweat the small stuff…

Have you experienced or you are you experiencing the micromanagement style?