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Beat stress with fun

, April 12, 2013, 0 Comments

There is no escaping ‘stress’ today. Stress comes from all areas of life…work, home, relationships, loan companies, traffic jams and the list goes on…!!! The ill effects of bad stress are known to all. Being stressed can leave you feeling mentally and physically tired, overwhelmed with life, and then there is anger and irritability too! It is important to keep this stress under control because too much stress can kill you!

It may not be possible to eliminate stress completely from our lives but there are many ways in which people try to beat stress and keep it under control.

Here are some of the ways in which you can try to beat stress:-

Tai chi
Visualization and taking a mental vacation
A good book. Read this one, it makes so much sense
Bubble bath
Drinking Chamomile tea
Conversation with friends
X  Box
Aimlessly surfing the Internet
Reading something useful on the Internet
Playing with kids/grand kids
Watching TED videos –   Watch this one here
Watching a Brad Pitt movie (that’s me!)

 Anyway my point is, we owe ourselves a break from reading and learning so here goes, a ‘word search’ puzzle for you. This is a stress buster idea. You may be ‘outdoorsy’ and prefer going out during your lunch break or tea break, print and take it along or sit by yourself if you’re the ‘indoorsy’ type and find all the words. Just make sure you’re not multi-tasking! We need both eyes to look at the puzzle. Let not your one eye wander towards the computer screen…

The game has got hidden words that we use every day and words that have appeared in this leadership column over the past few weeks. The words are provided in a list, you have to just find them…

Here you go… I bet you can find all the words…

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 Send in your stress buster idea…