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Market Sense & Nonsense by Jack D. Schwager

, April 2, 2013, 0 Comments

Market Sense & Nonsense

Book Summary: Bestselling author, Jack Schwager, challenges the assumptions at the core of investment theory & practice & exposes common investor mistakes, missteps, myths, & misreads when it comes to investment models & theories of how markets work, convenience usually trumps reality.

The simple fact is that many revered investment theories & market models are flatly wrong–that is, if we insist that they work in the real world. Unfounded assumptions, erroneous theories, unrealistic models, cognitive biases, emotional foibles, & unsubstantiated beliefs all combine to lead investors astray–professionals as well as novices. In this engaging new book, Jack Schwager, bestselling author of Market Wizards & The New Market Wizards , takes aim at the most perniciously pervasive academic precepts, money management canards, market myths & investor errors.

Like so many ducks in a shooting gallery, Schwager picks them off, one at a time, revealing the truth about many of the fallacious assumptions, theories, & beliefs at the core of investment theory & practice. A compilation of the most insidious, fundamental investment errors the author has observed over his long & distinguished career in the markets Brings to light the fallacies underlying many widely held academic precepts, professional money management methodologies, & investment behaviors.

A sobering dose of real-world insight for investment professionals & a highly readable source of information & guidance for general readers interested in investment, trading, & finance Spans both traditional & alternative investment classes, covering both basic & advanced topics As in his best-selling Market Wizard series, Schwager manages the trick of covering material that is pertinent to professionals, yet writing in a style that is clear & accessible to the layman.

Author: Jack D. Schwager

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