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Do you have a mission statement?

, April 19, 2013, 0 Comments

Organizations have mission statements. These mission statements that describe reasons for an organization’s existence are made visible to employees and visitors. They are plastered on walls and displayed with great pleasure, referred to by a leader in every organizational presentation and are a part of every organizational press release and media statement.

Organizations make their mission statements loud and clear. At a personal level we have personal dreams and career plans and suitable goals, but as a leader of a team or organization do you have a mission statement? Is it known to all? Especially those who work with you?

Here is a template that you could use. This is a statement that I would like a person in a formal leadership position who is my boss to use:

I am a committed department leader who trusts and believes in my team.

I will do everything in my power to ensure that my people achieve the most at work and in their life. This includes recognizing and rewarding their achievements, being more inclusive in my behaviour and encouraging them to continuously improve themselves.

I will always strive to do my best to achieve department goals while looking after my people and helping them enjoy work and a well-balanced life style. I will learn from them and develop myself.

 Benefits of a personal mission statement :-

  1. Get better clarity of your role as a leader
  2. Helps understand what you want to do in your role
  3. Helps you stay on track to achieve your goals
  4. Serves as a constant reminder on what you are supposed to do
  5. Communicates clearly with subordinates, the passion you bring to your role
  6. Helps you stand firm in a world that is constantly changing

Are you a leader who has your own mission statement?