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‘Smile’ your way to success: Richard Branson style

, May 31, 2013, 0 Comments

richard-brandson-smile-successLast week, we discussed B.E.E.Ring it up in life. I don’t mean getting intoxicated or becoming a ‘beeraholic’ but keeping in mind the life lessons from B.E.E.R.

While all the four lessons are important, the most important lesson is E for enthusiasm to make your dream a reality! Enthusiasm supports the other lessons. If you are enthusiastic in life, you believe in your dream, engage positively and keep your eye on the ball.

We can learn from Sir Richard Branson for the enthusiasm lesson. He believes that smiling and enthusiasm can give companies a competitive advantage.

There are two parts to the ‘smiling’ story- leaders create a culture of openness and enthusiasm and individuals use enthusiasm to drive their life towards achieving their goals.

According to Richard Branson, smiling leaders encourage innovation, communication and a friendly culture. At a personal level, smiling changes misfortune to fortune, changes a solemn atmosphere to a cheerful one, negotiations are easier, and smiling is infectious. Happiness and joy spreads which encourages us to achieve more and live a full life!

Smiling is a social behavior that transcends nationalities, age, race, caste, class and other forms of discrimination one can think of! Smiling is one of the early milestones for a newborn. So, we learnt to smile when we were 40 days old, yet we don’t do it so often!

When we begin a conversation with a smile, we almost always win. Granted, not every situation and problem can be solved with a smile but a smile can quickly make a situation slightly better and help the mood.

Over the last four weeks, we have been building a new approach to our life:-

Have you tried selling yourself to you ?

Would you walk on an ‘I-Beam’ placed across two buildings?

B.E.E.R. it up! Lessons for a fulfilling life

This article offered the last piece of the puzzle which is not new but is reiterated by Richard Branson smile your way through life!

In conclusion, life throws bitter moments our way but our payback is to grab hold of the bitter moment, help our mood by smiling and diffuse the bitter moments into manageable chunks…and beat it!!

For more inspiration read “Losing My Virginity” – Richard Branson’s highly acclaimed autobiography

Have you begun to change your life?

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