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Five Tips for the professional – Life with Email

, June 14, 2013, 0 Comments

email-management-lifeWe use email very frequently.

It is our most commonly used medium of communication. Everyone has an email id to boast of! My grandmother asks me to “just email” my family photos!!
At work, it is so pervasive that we often send an email to our colleague sitting in the next cubicle instead of walking across and discussing the issue…right?

There are many advantages of electronic mail or email in these times. I list a few here:

It is quick – gone are the days of penning airmail to a relative living miles away. We just need to click on the send button and the “letter” is received by the relative in minutes

At work it trail helps solves matters that could otherwise lead to arguments and disputes

Sending one email to the whole team and receiving reactions can help communication and collaboration

The email is there forever in our inbox, especially with the advent of the cloud where you can back up all of it forever

With a globally dispersed workforce what better than email!

I am sure you can think of many more benefits…

It has become important to follow some email etiquette. Here are five simple tips for Life with Email: –

Never type the recipient’s id in the ‘To’ box while composing your messages. There is danger of the email being sent inadvertently if you press send when you didn’t mean to

Don’t get emotional and vent through your email. Remove the emotion out and appear like a cool cat. Getting emotional is self-defeating

Never interpret the email to suit your mood. “WTF” can be interpreted as a surprise, sarcasm or anger depending on
your mood not that of the sender. S/he could have meant it altogether differently

Be careful of using Reply All when it needs to be replied to just one person. You don’t want the entire department to know that you are out looking for a new job

Pick up the phone or use Skype when it is not really necessary.

Remember to treat and handle email carefully, it is a legal document after all!