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An acronym to remember for life!

, July 19, 2013, 0 Comments

All of us tend to direct, lead and live our life by certain principles, certain mantras, and certain beliefs. Many more believe in God, fate or destiny. Still others call it luck, I call it FOCUS…

F– Free your mind. Discard past baggage. It’s hard to forget the past whether misgivings, sadness or beautiful memories. Reject stuff from the past that holds you back from moving forward. Not easy to let go or move on but just think of it and say to yourself “It could have been a lot worse”. Don’t forget your primary objective.

O– Om it! Find inner peace and send your mind on vacations. Working beyond 90 minutes at a stretch can tire your brain, have you noticed? You don’t need to be a yogi or practice transcendental meditation. Just shut your eyes or walk away from your digital device.

C– Care for everything and anything you do. It reflects on you after all if your work is shabby…you probably know the builder who reluctantly and badly built his last house before retiring. His boss intended to gift him the last house.

U– Understand that you can always choose. You always have a choice! Life offers many alternatives. Choose and stick to the decision you have made.

S– Smile, it’s crucial. Successful people like Richard Branson believe in smiling their way to success!

Put it all together and remember to never lose your FOCUS…

FOCUS is key in life. Decide where you want to go and go there. 

 Also, remember to B.E.E.R it up in life!!!

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Aarti Iyer is a Sydneysider who originally hails from Mumbai, India. She has a Masters Degree in Human Resources Management from the University of Sydney,speaks fluent French and is currently working towards her doctorate in Leadership. She is passionate about writing and author of the book “The Story of a Girl, 60Seconds That Changed Life." Her family gives meaning to her life and when not writing or studying; she enjoys travelling and spending time with her husband and young daughter. Aarti shares her experiences in her weblog FlyingBubbles. ...more