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, July 24, 2013, 0 Comments a leading online fruit shop in Chennai sets the pace for online grocery shopping in Chennai. No more driving through traffic or waiting hour long queues at grocery stores. Frrutto delivers fruits straight from the farm to your doorstep as a single order or based on subscriptions. And these fruits are for all.

How It Works
Customers can shop by individual orders or even have a subscription that will allow them to get fruits delivered on a periodical basis. The Fruits in Store menu allows customers to choose from three varieties of fruits : common, exotic and seasonal. Under each menu are the fruits that belong to the respective category and each fruit its own subcategories. For ex: Apples are found under common fruits and under Apple, you have nearly 10 or more varieties from the Kashmir Delicious Apple variety to the New Zealand Gala.

Besides the fruits menu, customers can choose fruit subscriptions, fruit combos, bulk purchases for individual parties or corporate/restaurant events and gift baskets. Add the fruits or combos to your cart and pay through debit cards, net banking accounts or the infamous “cash on delivery”. Buy above Rs.250 and they will even knock off shipping charges.

Fruit Subscriptions/Combos

If the menus are not enough and you need a little help to choose, the fruit combo services are great for buying according to your needs. There are rainbow combos (mixed variety) to pregnancy or diabetic combos that each have need-specific fruits. This option is particularly great especially for those with specific goals and needs such as weight loss, diabetes etc. The subscriptions are combos that can be scheduled to be delivered automatically and is a great option for those always on the run.

My Take
The fruits are delivered hassle free. They look fresh, taste good and packed in simple frustration-free cardboard boxes. Frrutto has proved that delivering fresh produce is possible without harming the quality of the produce. This is a brilliant idea especially for urban markets where people are tied for time and space. The only downside for Frrutto would be the lack of fresh vegetables and dairy to make it a one-stop for grocery shoppers in the city. Having grocery produce delivered to your home is not only a huge time-saver, it is also a step towards a far more efficient environment.