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Leading Online Retailers in India

, July 31, 2013, 0 Comments

In recent years, consumers’ frustration with lack of time and well-equipped retail real estate has led to a flurry of online retailers. For the ease of use and convenience, consumers resort to online stores for everything from everyday grocery shopping to buying media. Luring customers to online sites is tricky and currently a tough market to compete in. The most successful are those that currently serve their customers with multiple product categories invariably establishing themselves as a one-stop online shop. We have compiled a list of some of the top online retailers in India.

Flipkart – Goes without saying, Flipkart is one of the biggest online retailers in India. To many Flipkart fans, it is indeed considered the “Amazon” of India. What started as an online bookstore has now evolved into a multi-faceted online shop that sells everything from electronics to books to digital downloads. Their online shopping experience has been rated one of the best in the country and so is their customer service. If you are new and testing the waters in online retail, Flipkart is a must-visit online retailer.

Jabong – One of the leading online retailers in India is now becoming one of the favourite Indian online retailers across the world. A happening fashion and lifestyle store, this online retailer has set sights on a global scale and now caters to customers all over the world as they claim on Jabong’s online shopping experience is on par with popular fashion retailers from around the world and is a hot favourite with the NRIs.

Snapdeal – A daily deal platform that evolved into an online retail store of various products. Snapdeal has not only been active in expanding its own online retail store, it has been quite active over the last 3 years acquiring 3 online retail sites, one of them being (an Internet favourite). It has also been awarded the eRetailer of the Year by the Indian eRetail Awards held in 2012.

Junglee – Junglee is an online retail service by Amazon and provides a service akin to that of the actual Amazon site. It currently services a broad number of categories from mobiles and electronics to books, movies and music. Quite different from its competitors, it is an online service that helps customers find and compare hundreds of products sold by many sellers using Amazon’s technologies for product discovery and price comparisons.

Myntra – Myntra is an online fashion and lifestyle site quite similar to Jabong. It has tie-ups with many leading brands such as Nike, Reebook etc and currently offers hundreds of both Indian and international brands in its online retail stores. In 2013, Myntra acquired San Francisco- based Fitiquette, a developer of virtual fitting room technology. CNBC – TV18 awarded Myntra as one of the Hottest Internet Companies of the Year at the Young Turks Awards. It also won the Fashion eRetailer of the Year Award at the Indian eRetail Awards held in 2013.

HomeShop18 – Homeshop18 is an online retailer that sells multiple product categories and reaches more than 50 million homes across the country. Recently, the company introduced groceries as a category on its site and has plans to expand this category in the coming years. Currently, the grocery category sells oils, pasta sauces, pastas, flours, fried snacks and dried fruits.

Online retail has begun to change the way we shop. In a country with a massive population, it is quite confusing to know who is legit and who is not. These top retailers have time and again proven to be worthy of being rated top Indian online retailers and continue to enjoy a growing share in the online retail segment today.