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Live Streaming – Sony Playstation 4 way

, December 2, 2013, 0 Comments

Sony PlayStations  4 - MarketExpressThis season of vacation, I bet you will certainly enjoy if you have one of the two recently launched gaming consoles. While Microsoft’s Console was hyped of its features, I believe the one which is actually capable to provide you with a never before experience with out-of-the-box features will certainly be the Sony PlayStation 4.

The tap to stream feature available with the Sony PlayStation makes it your perfect partner. To give a background, the Sony PlayStation now comes with a streaming button which when pushed allows you to share your video. Not only this, you are also given with the option to live stream your game with/without feed from PlayStation camera.

Ain’t it cool? Well it certainly is. If you get to share your game and get feedback what else would a passionate gamer want. You can choose to see the comments on your screen while playing. This helps you improve your game., a subsidiary of and a leading live streaming video platform has been the master mind behind the service. The company expertise in genres including e-sports and video games and have its content in high definition and in landscape view.

On the contrary the rival Microsoft Xbox One tried to implement the streaming but unfortunately failed to match Sony’s offering. While in Sony you can go for live streaming, Microsoft was successful only to provide the option to save a video and upload it for future reference. The real time streaming as found in Sony PlayStation 4 is yet missing in the premiere gaming product of Microsoft, Xbox One. The company is expected to hit the market with live streaming soon by next year but I believe the hard core gamers will be all gone for PS4 by then.

Talking of the user interface in PS 4, it’s just a matter of setting up Twitch account and you get going once you sign for the same.

The Sony live streaming helps you not only showcase your gaming skills but also give you an edge to learn, understand from experts. Apart from having an audience you also get encouragement, comments, advice etc. from the expert lot.

I believe the Sony live streaming (LS) in PS 4 will compete with the Lets Play (LP) movement in gaming where in people watch pre-recorded videos of games on sites like YouTube, etc. to understand the moves to enhance their gaming skills. With the real time streaming it is expected that there will be a gradual shift from LP. I believe the live streaming will certainly be the next big move after the social media integration where people used to share their achievements on social platform like Facebook and Twitter. The live streaming is expected to give the gaming arena all set of new feel where the people will surely enjoy the punch of playing in front of audience.  I think player like Sony is all set to get the first movers advantage with the launch this gaming season and rival Microsoft is likely to face a tough time if they delay for LS.

Well to sum up, the revolution has begun; the stage is set, let’s see who wins the race. Till then Happy Gaming, Happy Streaming!!