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Small Medium Business (SMB) Intel symposium

, December 11, 2013, 0 Comments

Small Medium Business Intel symposium - MarketExpressIntel thrust on SMB  (  Small and Medium Business ) is growing sign of recognition that how India’s MSME are one of the critical key component in India’s growth story. Intel SMB Symposium 2013 held on 11th December 2013, Mumbai is one of many initiatives which Intel is undertaking to push its All in One (AIO) offerings powered by Intel’s 4th generation microprocessors. Major highlight of the event was on how good  hardware coupled with quality softwares and deeply integrated security  can add value to MSME and its growth strategy.

In the Intel’s AIO strategy, that is to offer end to end solutions, Microsoft plays an important role as bring along with it state of the art intuitive, scalable, sociable yet affordable enterprise offerings such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and XRM. With this SMB’s can understand and address its complex IT requirement by this it  can pick, choose and customize its solutions as per it needs. Microsoft also highlighted the power of  XRM which will empower many industries and business such as Education – Student management, Lifestyle – Salon management and Healthcare – Hospital management and this was the  novelty of  the symposium which attracted quite eyeballs in the audience.

Another Intel company – McAfee was trying to drive the point to MSME  that  how in advent of data explosion and usage of data in all environments- personal, enterprise and social how one can somewhat secure valuable IT resources through its offerings security solutions

All the companies namely Intel, Microsoft and McAfee has come a long way in their respective area of expertise and are shaping the world of technology by integrating  all to give a better solutions. The real beneficiaries can be  SMB’s which forms backbone of India’s highly potential markets can be benefit from AIO solutions provided the pricing is taken care off in a realistic way as India’s is a price sensitive market.

Finally we would like to see a real case study  example in the next symposium where by Intel can demonstrate that how its solutions has help a wide variety of SMB’s to address its challenges and how it can be their global partners to take on the competitions  locally and be competitive in the global market.