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Springpad journey comes to an end

, June 12, 2014, 0 Comments

Springpad App closes up-MarketExpressA few months ago, we reviewed a seriously good organizing app/tool called Springpad. Springpad, for those of you who missed this amazing app, is a product that helps you stay organized. It is one of those apps that makes you realize a gap you never knew existed all along. Unfortunately, this life-changing organizer’s journey has come to an end due to a lack of funding.

Springpad has been long known for its smart notebooks that automatically append information to your notes.

This small yet significant step set it apart from its competitors Evernote or Google Keep. While Springpad has been considered a user-friendly app that barely takes seconds to get used to, its arch rival Evernote is remarked to be notorious app for beginners. Just the sheer number of features on Evernote and what used to be a blunt UI has intimidated far too many to evoke an article such as this

If you are one of the 5M users that has been using Springpad, they currently are assisting users with a full blown migration to Evernote. Simply click on this link. Log in to your account and either begin migration to Evernote or manually export your data. Users have until June 25th to save their data.

Other great options to transfer content to are Pocket, Microsoft’s One Note or even Google Keep for smaller texts and images.

Just like a lot of good things that come to an end, we sincerely wish the team at Springpad a boatload of wishes and luck in inventing more like Springpad and hopefully with a business that can be turned the next time around!