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Smart Home: Righting the wrongs

, July 8, 2014, 0 Comments

Smart Home-MarketExpress-InHow many times have you stepped out of the house only to wonder if you actually locked your home? Or if you turned off the lights or the air conditioning for that matter? With all this technology that we have today, it is a smart idea to have a smart home. Making your home smart in a way that reduces waste and does not make you lazy is the way to go.

Let’s look some of the best smart home products that we have today

Nest – Needless to say, Nest is the most revolutionary smart product for homes today. The ability to control and maintain your home’s temperature from anywhere is a big boon especially for people always on the go. Not only does it keep your home at the right temperature when you are back, it has the ability to set your thermostat off when no one is home. So you could be a 1000 miles away and not worry about forgetting to turn off your thermostat.

Smart Locks – Right from August to Kwikset, the market is flooded with tons of smart locks that are smart enough to unlock the door when you are home or to provide your visitors with guest digital keys to let themselves in. Some even have the option to customize days visitors have access, know how long your visitors stay in your home and even auto lock after you come through the door.

Smart Device Control – What is the point of having so many smart devices if you can’t control them all in one single platform? Wink and Smart things are currently the most popular companies that let you control all your devices under one platform. Wink especially has nearly 60 products that is already compatible under its wing making it a superior platform to gain control over your smart devices.

Canary – A smart device to provide security for your home. Canary lets you monitor your home without entrusting a third party to monitor your home. It is one single device and makes home security a safe experience.

Smart Toilets – And lastly something the Western world has finally caught up to. While Asia and parts of Europe were far ahead in the smart toilet revolution, the US has finally begun to understand the need to have toilets that use water instead of paper. Toto is by far the most popular and trustworthy brand that comes with washlets, bidets and dual flushes.

Fortunate for us, most of these companies address the need to reduce waste and be smarter about our consumption. If not revolutionary, it is at least a step towards righting the wrongs.