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Why do we love Google Keep when Evernote can do much more?

, January 7, 2015, 0 Comments

google keep evernote-MarketExpress-inLike many companies, Google has also tried its hand at helping people remember to do stuff through its note taking app – Google Keep. As simple as the name sounds, the app is just a perfect replacement to your post its. It helps you keep all your thoughts, to do lists in one place. Only difference is they don’t lose their tack like our traditional counterparts. They stay as a colorful or plain note on your phone ready to be executed when you are all set.

What makes Google Keep our favorite?

Minimalistic Interface Google Keep is one of the easiest apps to use. There are simply 4 options on your Keep page to choose from – regular note, to do list, voice note and photo note.

Customization It is a breeze to customize notes on Google Keep. They keep it less complicated by offering a basic set of options that people would use the most in their notes. You can put up some background colors (like post-its), add images and set reminders.

Home Screen Google Keep has a widget on your home screen so you can have all the notes that are most important appear on your homescreen widget. This way, you will never forget to do anything!

Archive If you are in need of reusing a note at a later time, simply archive it. There is absolutely no need to delete that note when you have the best search tool integrated in your app.

Photo and Voice When I want to quickly click and save a pic as a note to be organized for later, Google Keep makes it easy with its photo note option. The same goes for voice. I can quickly record something with a single tap of the microphone icon when I’m on the go and am unable to type.

Why do we love Google Keep when you have Evernote that can do much more?

 For the simplest reason: for all the big stuff that needs to get organized, you have Evernote. For all the simpler basic stuff that you don’t necessarily want to get the big guns out for, you have Google Keep. For example, if I have to remember to buy milk, I don’t want to be opening Evernote. This is where Google Keep is unique and smart in creating an app that people can use to keep what they used to keep in their homes and offices with post its. Besides the regular notes and to-do lists, there is also the voice and the image note which is an added bonus. These are the reasons that make Google Keep our favorite note-taking app.