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A worthy life: Love and Gratitude

, November 22, 2015, 0 Comments

life-love-gratitude-MarketExpress-inGratitude is the womb wherein all the miracles and the bliss of this magnificent universe resides in. If one has to enter the eternal gates of life’s unending mysteries and undying love, one has to be grateful. One has to sow the seeds of a sincere gratitude within the barren lands of his complaining unsatisfied heart.

One need not be serious about it, just a little sincerity, a pinch of joy dwelling at the core of each silent word while singing beautiful songs of gratitude is enough unto itself. It is pure Arithmetics: Arithmetics of the soul. ‘When one gives, one has more’. One is so full that he is never deprived of anything. In the ordinary world of economics, we give and soon we are left with nothing. In the inner world of exploring the depths of abundance in love and magic, only sharing adds up to more, more and only much more.

If we are happy with everything that the universe, so eternally present in this moment has to offer us without any expectations or complaints, we start seeing a river of joy moving towards us from a higher source filling the depths of the dark empty well with its mighty light. The legend rightly says, “A certain darkness is needed to see the light”. It fills you up with so much that you have no option but to share it. It starts overflowing. The river that has reached the heart of your being now wants to find unseen routes and merge with the great oceanic existence. Only then can it remain contented, only then does a certain relaxation penetrate your being. ‘Having the beauty is less beautiful than sharing it’.

The treasures from unknown sources start becoming known to you. Sooner than later you start vibrating with the all knowing force present. Jesus always said, ‘One who does not knoweth Love, does not knoweth God because God is Love and Love is God’. Love is the answer to all our burns. By being loving towards oneself, one realises that all love and all hate in reality stems from ourselves. By learning about ourselves, we learn about all of the universe and its divine working.

A certain compassion starts growing within us. We don’t let the hastiness of the mind take control. We rather let the ancient wisdom of the heart do its speaking for itself. And when the heart communicates, it is filled with so much of love, peace, silence, joy and awareness. A tremendous grace surrounds the being and charms every eye that is now blessed to have a glance at something that it would love to watch in the mirror.

As I shall end these words, saying,
”Dust is what does cover us;
Love is what shall save us”

Be loving and love so intensely that you lose yourself in one day to become love itself. Now you are just an instrument for the whole. Now Love wants to play through Love itself. The evidence of this beauty is the timeless song produced by this union and the serene dance of its deathless melodies.

So let us all realise our oneness by being this love which we have always longed for and suddenly our awareness makes us witness a bliss so magical that shall surpass all our wishes and leave us open flying high in the skies of eternal sunshine. So let me end by saying that ‘Love is the answer and Gratitude is the key’ to unlock the question and open the doors of unfathomable beauty to a joy residing over there shall never cease.