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Why should India look at smart home security

, November 5, 2015, 0 Comments

smart-home-security-marketexpress-inOur lives are constantly in touch with technology of some sort in ways we don’t even realize. From the time we wake up, we have technological solutions that work quietly to make our lives one step hassle free. With the recent advancements, we see technology, pushing its way into our very own homes in the form of home security, temperature controlling smart thermostats, smart water sprinklers and the list go on.

In India, we do home security differently. We appoint watchman/security guards who secure our homes on a shift basis. They have not necessarily prevented burglaries and are kept more for a sense of safety rather than to catch the thief in the act. With the cost of appointing guards going high by the year, it makes a lot of sense in investing in smart home technology to ensure our homes are safe and more importantly, catch the thief in the act!

  • Access – Unlike traditional security guards, the biggest advantage of having smart security is the ability to make sure your home is safe from any place in the world. There is really no need to worry if the guards are trustworthy or sleeping on the job!
  • Video – Many smart cameras today record on sensing motion in the house and are pretty accurate. This is far better than owning a conventional CCTV where you would have to spend hours viewing a video to check for any intruder.
  • Night vision and weatherproof – Most smart home security cameras come with night vision in HD that makes it easy to capture movement clearly at night and can be stationed outdoors in any weather.
  • Alarm – Some cameras even have inbuilt alarm systems that can sound off a high pitched alarm if there is a need for it.
  • Storage – Most cameras provide a reasonable amount of storage that you can easily download off the internet into your personal storage device.

Google and Nest’s Dropcam is available for approximately Rs.25000 but is not battery operated and needs to be connected to a power source. Netgear has recently launched its smart home security system Arlo in India selling at approximately Rs.35000. There are so many other brands that accomplish similar aspects of home security using smart technology. Although these devices start off at exorbitant rates, the perks of owning them outweighs the need for a security guard who costs a lot more than these devices.

With so many of us have to take care of elderly, kids and pets at home, smart home security cameras are becoming a necessary gadget to have in your home. Vacations no longer have to be stressful when you have your home in your pocket. If you live in a metro with access to the internet at work and on the road, smart home cameras are definitely something to look into.