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What is happiness and where to find it ?

, October 2, 2018, 0 Comments


Conversations with a fellow pilgrim: Meaningful conversations between Ezilarsan PKP and Radhika on Life, Startups, Growth and many other areas.

Ezilarsan PKP: What is happiness and where to find it?

Radhika: Happiness arises from within. It’s most commonly fulfillment of our idea of happiness. Hence we chase it and it is fleeting.

Fulfillment of our desires is our idea of happiness. Desires are our deep rooted longings which drive our nature itself. The choices we make in our life are driven by our nature and our nature is affected by force of our desires.

While the enjoyment and happiness from the fulfillment of desires, momentarily fuels our appetite, it leaves us centered on what we long for rather then centered with what is.

Hence the quest, pursuit of happiness is often like chasing the horizon.

Impermanence and fleeting nature are the very characteristics of happiness.

Whatever we seek outside is momentary. Only when we search it within us … we realise that it is the Effort itself which is the problem. By simply Being absorbed in our own self the Joy arises.

Joy is our very Nature. Only when we drop everything and just Are we naturally are absorbed to live the Joy, Bliss within.

Sometimes external factors like being amidst the beauty and tranquility of Nature, Music enables the process of absorption and we loose body consciousness / sense of individual existence … in those moments we just Are and hence our intrinsic state comes forth.

The other times this happens when there is an expansion on account of us being selfless, living a life at states beyond I, me and mine … being in this state leads to expansion of the individual self and opposing behaviour which is ‘I’ centric behaviour leading to contraction.

Anything that we depend on to bring us happiness is always momentary which leaves us wanting more.

When being absorbed in the self in meditative states or through expansion of individual self through living a divine life at higher frequencies of existence that are subtle, we move away from the basal tendencies, then, spontaneous Joy Arises from within which is always accompanied by fulfillment, satiety and lasting bliss.

Seeking of happiness is not wrong, we long for reliving a state that we at our primal level know exists but do not know where to find it. We seek it outside when it is within.

We need to adjust our focus on what Is rather then what Isn’t.

Once we see this then the quest for happiness ends and we are what We Are – Its expression.