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LOVE, it matters the most

, April 4, 2020, 2 Comments

Last time we started talking about life and its journey. Today, let’s dig a little deeper into one of the most key elements in making life meaningful, i.e. LOVE!

love-marketexpress-inRobert Browning once said “Without love, our Earth is a tomb”

Let’s start with the love between a girl and a boy. After all, love started with a boy named Adam and a girl named Eve.

We all desire, crave or wish for it at least once in our life. Love’s strength can be understood from the beauty and the beast. Love’s importance can be understood from Romeo Juliet. But aren’t these stories just stories. What does love mean to millennial in the 21st century?

Is it when we get butterflies in our stomach? Does time really stop? Is there actually some bell that we can hear?

Personally, I feel love is something different. Have you ever sat by the sea? The waves are gushing at full speed, yet it feels so calm and amazing. That’s love. In a life that’s going at such a fast pace, love is the calmness.

Love might not stop time per say, but when you’re out to meet them and this person shows up, the moment you see that face, that smile, you kind of forget there are other things around you. In a way time stops.

Some say love is about sharing everything with your significant other. But have you ever shared silence and still felt like you two are having the best time of your life? That’s love. Love is when the first date doesn’t feel like first, but probably something human being has been doing for ages. Love is when just by being with the person, your worst mood swings turn into peaceful moments.

Let’s try an example and relate love with it.

Anyone and everyone who lives the normal rat race wala day in the circle of life try to relate. There is one feeling that kind of makes you feel happier. Any guesses? How many thought about coming home? Hell yeah!!! After that long, tiring day, nothing beats- ‘make the day better’, like entering our home and finally being at peace. Ladies and gentlemen……that’s LOVE! It doesn’t give you butterflies, it makes you feel safe, and it makes you feel like you have finally reached home.

It’s something ordinary, yet making us still feel extraordinary! It’s magical!. Guys, I truly hope this kind of love, this magical feeling finds its way to you.
Stay happy, stay blessed!
And above all, “LOVE YOURSELF”. It’s the first step in this thousand mile journey!

  • Vijay

    That is true!!!

  • Vijay

    In short but explained really well!!