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Life, Universe & Aspirations: Limit of the limitless

, May 25, 2021, 0 Comments

life-love-gratitude-MarketExpress-inThe dark sky glimmering with a plethora of golden lights, raising the dreams, excitement of small eyes. The joyful innocent face filled with a smile is confident enough to catch all the twinkling with just a few jumps forward. As he moves and sees more and more fascinations in the sky his surprise and excitement grows. Fascination of seeing more newness, more wonders thus embracing all the surprises. Not knowing the extent of the universe his eyes are filled with unbounded dreams, limitless aspirations and unlimited admiration for every part of the universe.

The loss of one wonder before his eyes, though causes a little pain, but soon the eyes are filled with another wonder. Innocence makes the limited life so unlimited.

As he grows his understanding of uncertainness of the universe grows and thus his unableness to embrace the whole universe. He limits his aspirations of knowing the entire universe and develops his understanding around the limited known aspect of it. He becomes focused on those certain aspects and the loss of any of that aspect belittles his happiness and engulfs him with pain. Intelligence ,making the limited life more limited.

We as humans in innocence enjoy every uncertainty, every point of life and unknowingly are determined that we can live our whole life in fullness, but when in intelligence we define our life around some aspects, some pains, some happiness and some relations. We, in our geniuses tend to know everything, tend to solve every puzzle, innovates thing, but in the arrogance of knowing ourselves, our life we tend to limit our lives, making it bounded forgetting the fact that the some aspirations and achievements some emotions though valuable are just a part and does not define the final aim of life. When we belittle such a precious gift of the universe, any break in its assumed boundaries breaks us very hard. When such defaults occur one by one we feel that the whole life has broken apart, which ultimately leads to a truck with death.

 Life no doubt is limited, man, no doubt, is mortal, but the depth of life is unlimited just like the universe. One can- not know it in wholesome, cannot predict the extent of its intensity but still can fill him with it wholly. Though limitless it will always come into your bounds to hug you, will somehow or the other enlighten you will open a new page before you and will give you happiness and wonder. So as humans, the intellectual being should leave the intention of knowing the extent of our lives, should not waste time in setting our limits on it, rather just like a kid, leave this quest in innocence and should hug the uncertainty with joyousness, enjoying every part of life. Aim of one’s life is not defined by some empirical goal, but by living it with liveliness.