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Founded in 2011 by IIT-ians, VJTI-ians and Finance Professionals – is a Global Insights & Analysis Sharing Platform. aims to be one of the leading providers of insights, analysis, news, roundtable conference, events + research updates in the area of Money, Business, People & Tech.

MarketExpress Team

Ezilarsan PKPEzilarsan P K PFounder & Editor
Ezilarsan P K P is the Editor & Founder of MarketExpress. Entrepreneur​,​ IIT-Madras, University of Mumbai alumnus​. He has profound technology and startup knowledge, focuses on strategy, technology and ventures along the entire value chain of the Tech industry.

Ezilarsan is also the Co-Founder of Thavamani Ventures- Management & Creative Capital Company.He has more than +1​4 ​Y​ears of experience​ ​in software (Mobile & Web) consulting, Media and building company.

Ezilarsan is passionate in creating – simple product & services which solves real problems and address some of the challenges. He writes Entrepreneurship, Technology related column and occasionally writes in other areas of interest also.

Radhika PereiraCorporate lawyer | Author & Advisor
Shankar MenonAngel Author
Ashok V DesaiChief Consultant & Economist | Mentor & Author
Aarti IyerAuthor
Divya RamamoorthyContributing Writer

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Domain Experts: Corporate Finance, Competitor & Competitive Intelligence

Snehal ManjrekarSnehal ManjrekarContributing Writer
Snehal Manjrekar with an MBA Finance degree from Karnataka University has over six years of diversified experience in Fixed Income Indexing, Corporate Finance, Market Data, and Competitor Intelligence.

Snehal’s areas of interest are emerging market politics and economics and emerging market index investing. Snehal was raised in Goa and presently settled in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Shamik BandyopadhyayShamik BandyopadhyayContributing Writer
Shamik Bandyopadhyay is a post-graduate from Asia Pacific Institute Of Management, specialized in Finance and Operations with strong academic performance.

Shamik is also an engineer in Computer Science. He has almost 2 years of experience in Financial Services, specially in ‘receivable management’ department. His expertise is in ‘analytics’ and ‘research’. Currently, he is in the process of exploring his talent through economic and financial applications.

Abhay TandonAbhay Tandon Contributing Writer
Abhay Tandon is a post graduate from SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai (International Management) and IESEG School of Management, Paris (International Business and Strategy).

He is currently working in a global Financial Services group as their Global Solution Manager handling Start-Up and SME markets of 6 countries (UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, France and Israel).

Prerna SharmaPrerna SharmaContributing Writer
Prerna Sharma is a Mumbai based market analyst with over five years of experience in Agricultural and Food Sector. She is also the winner of Zee Business Best Market Analyst 2013 for Agri. Commodities.

Currently she is a consultant to Emkay Global Financial Services. She is the author of yet to be published book – Are You Ready for the Job Market? The views are personal.

Bikramaditya GhoshDr.Bikramaditya GhoshContributing Writer
Dr.Bikramaditya Ghosh is an Associate Professor with Christ University , Bangalore. Ex-Investment Banker turned Researcher (Doctoral) in the domain of Economics & Finance. His area of speciality rests in Behavioural Finance, Bond Convexity, Investment Modelling, Index Construction & Macroeconomic activities.

Bikramaditya research interest is in Industrial Research, Equity Research, Debt Research, BFSI Analytics.