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Innovation, Disruption and transformation in financial markets

The disruptive era is upon us, and the finance sector is no exception to this. The financial landscape is undergoing a phenomenal paradigm shift. We are living in an era where finance, technology and innovation...


Understanding competition regulation

Competition regulation and its context and relevance in an emerging market like India: Why should markets be regulated? Understanding Monopoly, Oligopoly and the need for Regulation. Competition, in the context of economics, means the contest/rivalry...


Understanding Consumer Psychology: Construal Level Theory

In an effort to understand the behaviour of consumers in their process of buying, many theories, concepts, models etc., have been forwarded. From social psychology marketers have adopted Construal level theory (CLT) to explain how...


Central Limit Theorem and Normal Distribution

In probability theory, the central limit theorem (CLT) states that, given certain conditions (large sample size), the arithmetic mean of a sufficiently large number of iterates of independent random variables, each with a well-defined expected value (mean) and finite variance, will be approximately normally distributed,...


Global Luxur​​y​ Brands​​​ entering Indian Markets

The new global Indian youth is on a natural high and prefer Luxurious goods to any sub-standard goods or products. The Luxury market in India is experiencing a high in the market change in spending...


It’s time that China seriously engaged with India

The topic of China dominates almost every economic and foreign policy discussion in India. Yet the concept of a rising India is still a foreign concept in the circles of Chinese elites. Many Chinese are...