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Work & Happiness

Co-founders ( required ), Equity with no Monthly Pay…

Oh!. Equity, sweat equity, co-founders are enamored by this in a delightful way and lose their focus from vitamin “M” and get distracted by the shiny deals happening in the startup ecosystem. It is fair...


Multimillion dollar idea & cofounder pay package

Cofounder and their predicament: Often one of the cofounders comes up with a multimillion dollar idea and seed capital yet he/she offers not so good monthly pay package to their fellow, full time cofounder. Cofounder needs to be...


How to remain engaged amidst the disengaged- Try accepting others unconditionally

Are you losing it at your work? Do you see the workplace toxicity eating up your otherwise positive, passionate demeanor? Can you feel the slow poisonous movement from enthusiastic engagement to debilitating disengagement? If yes,...

flaw rest everything will fall in place-MarketExpress-in

Entrepreneurship & Musings – Rest Everything will fall in place

  One should rely on an evolving plan rather than on the flawed optimism that “Rest everything will fall in place” Other Cartoons in Work & Happiness 

Stopping to learn- i know everything

Stopping to learn, I know everything

Stopping to learn, I know everything. Other Cartoons in Work & Happiness 

Boss idea tanks-MarketExpress-in

Boss idea tanks

Willingness to hear out team inputs and implementing, is one of  the best work practice which boss should follow while developing idea !.   Other Cartoons in Work & Happiness 

work happiness- views & coffee-MarketExpress-in

Sharing views and having coffee

Share your lighter moments with us, while having coffee and sharing your views – with your colleague/co-workers!. Other Cartoons in Work & Happiness 

Quiet is might and a good leader makes!

A leader in any context, whether political, organizational or a school prefect, leads, guides and supports us to perform and be successful. As a follower we have an image of the leader as someone who...

Do you have a mission statement?

Organizations have mission statements. These mission statements that describe reasons for an organization’s existence are made visible to employees and visitors. They are plastered on walls and displayed with great pleasure, referred to by a...