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Is the EU’s image failing in Southeast Asia?

A new survey shows the EU is losing face with business and government “elites” of Southeast Asia. Respondents showed less confidence in Brussels on issues like upholding free trade and global order. The European Union’s reputation...


RCEP: Asia readies world’s largest trade deal

A decade in the making, the RCEP pact takes effect January 1, easing trade among Southeast Asian and Asia-Pacific nations. Economic giants China, Japan and South Korea are set to benefit the most. Trade barriers...


CAROTAR Rules 2020: Harbinger of Gated-Globalization

India has signed a series of Free and Preferential Trade Agreement with the aim of opening-up India’s economy, catalyzing the trade instrument for economic growth and employment generation. All trade agreements except few have resulted...


Vietnam the fastest-growing economy in Southeast Asia

The World Economic Forum on ASEAN countries has begun in Vietnam — a fitting host given its status as the fastest-growing economy in Southeast Asia. Manuela Kasper-Claridge reports from Hanoi. The bridge across the Bach...

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Single market ‘may aggravate inequalities’ in ASEAN

Plans by Southeast Asian countries to set up a single market next year are likely to boost the economy and job market, but could also worsen inequality and benefit men more than women, as analyst...