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RCEP: Asia readies world’s largest trade deal

A decade in the making, the RCEP pact takes effect January 1, easing trade among Southeast Asian and Asia-Pacific nations. Economic giants China, Japan and South Korea are set to benefit the most. Trade barriers...


CAROTAR Rules 2020: Harbinger of Gated-Globalization

India has signed a series of Free and Preferential Trade Agreement with the aim of opening-up India’s economy, catalyzing the trade instrument for economic growth and employment generation. All trade agreements except few have resulted...


Vietnam the fastest-growing economy in Southeast Asia

The World Economic Forum on ASEAN countries has begun in Vietnam — a fitting host given its status as the fastest-growing economy in Southeast Asia. Manuela Kasper-Claridge reports from Hanoi. The bridge across the Bach...

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Single market ‘may aggravate inequalities’ in ASEAN

Plans by Southeast Asian countries to set up a single market next year are likely to boost the economy and job market, but could also worsen inequality and benefit men more than women, as analyst...