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BIA: Analysis of the inputs received to implement BIA

In any process, analysis is critical because you generate a lot of data and all data is not actionable. The analysis of the data is where the action and the mitigation take place. How do...


BIA Approach : Types of Impact, Recommendations & Conducting Interviews

Change Managers use different approaches to conduct a Business Impact Analysis. There can be several approaches to conduct a BIA. We have discussed an approach that we have carved out based on our change management...


BIA Approach – Process, Preparation, Know your Stakeholders

Business Impact Analysis is a tool that has a laid-out approach depending upon different criteria like financial and operational impact, employee impact, identification of critical processes and relevant activities, etc. This means whichever approach you...


Use of Business Impact analysis (BIA) in Change Management

We are operating in a volatile uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world where managing change is the biggest challenge. Be it a new change or a process enhancement a tool like Business Impact Analysis (BIA)...