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Australia and Britain reach agreement for free trade deal

Australia and the UK have signed a free trade deal as Britain seeks to find alternative markets in the wake of Brexit. The deal was hailed by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as “a new...


What happens with Brexit after Boris Johnson’s victory?

Boris Johnson will command an absolute majority in the House of Commons, giving him the votes to push through his Brexit divorce deal. But this is just a first step, and the UK might still...


EU says Britain must address Brexit deal doubts within hours

European officials have said they need the hard details of a Brexit withdrawal deal within hours rather than days, ahead of an EU leaders’ summit. EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier said three issues needed resolution....


May Survives to Fight Another Day, but Sterling’s Recovery Falters

The political obituary of UK’s May, who many see as an “accidental” Prime Minister, has been written many times in the past year and a half only to be withdrawn. Again, it looked like the...


Opinion: Brexit would be a big mistake for UK, Europe

In a few days’ time, Britain will vote on its future in the European Union. If they decide to leave, this might turn out to be the biggest mistake in recent European history, writes Barbara...