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Why the euro’s weakness is a big deal

The euro has fallen to a 20-year low threatening to inflict further pain on an economy that’s already having to contend with a surge in inflation. And the bad news is that the common currency’s...

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Surging Energy Prices Pushing Europe Closer to Recession

The poor eurozone PMI underscores likely recession and weighs on the single currency, which was sold to a new 20-year low.  Rather than a “Turn Around Tuesday”  a broadly consolidative session is unfolding. Asian and...


Oil profits raise questions about tax, green investment

A string of record-breaking profit reports from the world’s largest oil companies has raised eyebrows, given that consumers around the world are grappling with a worsening energy crisis. The global energy crisis and high inflation...


Are Germany’s fossil fuel companies too big to fail?

After pushing for greater reliance on Russian gas, the German utility giant Uniper has asked for a bailout amid a growing energy crisis. DW explores whether tax payers should bear the brunt of a bad...


China reaches for strategic power cuts amid energy crisis

Blackouts and power cuts in the world’s second-largest economy have drawn attention to fuel supply problems that could complicate the country’s pandemic recovery. DW unpacks why the lights went out in China. Struggling energy companies...