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FANGMAN Come Re-Unglued. Debacles Sink Goldman Sachs, Apple, and — Oh Gosh, Not Again — GE

There were company-specific debacles that sank some of the gorillas, such as Goldman Sachs, Apple, and – oh gosh, not again – GE; and there was the general issue of fears circulating that the bull...


How General Electric became a general disappointment

Turbines built by GE create a third of the world’s electricity. But with a $9.8 billion loss and the looming risk of being dropped from the Dow, GE is in a real-time meltdown. From New...


General Electric to slice up its empire

The US industrial giant – General Electric has slashed its dividend in half amid plans to significantly retool the conglomerate on the back of annual profit projections that were well below what investors had been...


Which US Companies Stockpile the Most Profit “Overseas?” But where the Heck is the Money?

There is a misconception about the uncanny ability of very profitable US companies, like Microsoft and Apple, to park their profits overseas in order to dodge US taxes: the money from these profits that are...