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Financial crisis bank fines hit record 10 years after market collapse

Since the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2007, financial institutions have paid more than Qatar’s GDP in fines for their wrongdoings. As investigations and lawsuits continue, that number is expected to grow. $150 billion...

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Canada Mauled by Oil Bust, Job Losses Pile Up – Housing Bubble, Banks at Risk

Ratings agency Fitch had already warned about Canada’s magnificent housing bubble that is even more magnificent than the housing bubble in the US that blew up so spectacularly. “High household debt relative to disposable income” – at...

San Francisco's : End of housing bubble-MarketExpress

The Untimely End Of San Francisco’s Tech And Housing Bubbles

In our neck of the woods, Vinod Khosla is currently most notorious for trying to boot people off Martins Beach, across the coastal mountains from Silicon Valley. Californians love their beaches, even if the water is...