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How life Insurance helps to save Income Tax

Most investors today use life insurance products as a tool for saving income tax. The investor or the policyholder enjoys income tax benefits on the premiums paid as well as on the maturity proceeds under...

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Tax Planning: Tax Saving Plans you need to know

It’s that time of the year when you start planning on how to save on your taxes. You research for each and every option available to gain tax benefits; we’ve made  Following are some tax...


Buying Term Life Insurance Online

In recent years, technology has progressed to a level where everything has become so much easy and convenient for the masses. We purchase everything online from electronics, apparels, sportswear or even groceries. Purchasing goods online...

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Life insurance is not for investment, it is for protection

Selvaraj expired at the age of 40 due to cancer. He was working in the insurance sector. Everybody expected that he will have enough insurance. He was paying a premium of 50,000 for an endowment...

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8 Benefits of Buying Life Insurance

Think about Life Insurance and many things can fill your mind like tax-saving, financial security for your family in your absence, your child’s education and marriage, family’s ability to pay off loans, among others. Here...