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China’s export growth slows sharply

China’s zero-COVID policies are beginning to severely hit the country’s global export engine. Prolonged lockdowns led to particularly sluggish export growth in April, new figures show. China’s export growth fell sharply to 3.9% in April,...


Lufthansa mulls options as Air France state aid strings revealed

Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr would like to receive state support, but does not want state management. His motivation becomes clearer when one takes a look at France. The EU’s competition watchdog on Monday approved French...


China as world’s factory not going anywhere, post coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the overreliance of companies and governments on China for just about everything, from cars to medicines. But they will not be packing up and leaving China anytime soon. The COVID-19...


India: Economy and the lockdown

Migrant labour who lived in various parts of the country are in real trouble. They have lost their source of livelihood. Most of them are day-labourers and are devoid of all sources of income. They...