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How close are we to the dream of an artificial heart?

The first high-tech artificial heart was implanted in patients with severe heart disease a decade ago. But since then, a revolution in heart replacements has failed to materialize. Why is that? The heart is actually...


Transforming Indian Education: Upskilling and Reskilling for Industry 5.0 Jobs

Industry 5.0 is the next generation of Industry 4.0, which is characterized by the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and other advanced technologies. This has led to a demand for workers...

Supply Chain Logistics-MarketExpress

Logistics Innovations and Industry Trends

Logistics is considered as the backbone of global commerce. It ensures a good flow of different products efficiently from manufacturers to consumers and to other companies. With rapid growth, the logistics industry has witnessed remarkable...


How the world of work is changing

Chile is to cut the working week from 45 to 40 hours — a stark contrast to the 48 hours of toil across the rest of Latin America. From four-day weeks to remote work, DW...


A New Revolution in Fintech “Voice Payment”

Technology has developed in leaps and bounds across the globe in different ways. Humans have found no time and joy to communicate with other humans rather they find it interesting to communicate with machines. Probably...