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US Natural gas: Stock Hype On a Wing and a Prayer

America is on the verge of becoming a natural gas net exporter in a year or two. It can relieve energy-starved Japan from extortionary prices and free Europe from the clutches of Gazprom. A number of liquefied...

Natural Gas & Cold War-MarketExpress

Natural Gas: Fuel for the next cold war

Ukraine is dependent on Russian gas – but not as much as it used to be. For years the US State Department has pushed the country toward energy independence. Congress aims to speed things up....

Challenges & the Slowdown in the Indian Solar Industry

The India solar growth story is sputtering, with only 1500 MW of solar capacity getting installed till date. The main growth drivers – Gujarat and JNNSM have become pale shadows of themselves. Gujarat which is India’s solar shining star is facing a...