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Severity of bad loan problem: NPA’s in India’s Banking Sector

India’s ratio of non-performing loans (NPA) to the gross loans has shown a steep rise in the last 5 years, hovering over 9% as of 2016. When compared to other developing economies, the present condition...


Gubernatorial perturbations – Can Rajan prevent the collapse?

Raghuram Rajan does not lack confidence. He has been known to take on the world’s best economists and carry his point. He is not easily upset. But recently, he has been sounding more like a...

United Bank of India - the Saga-MarketExpress

United Bank of India – The New saga

That Governments tend to use institutions and bodies under its purview as own fiefdoms is common knowledge. Let us not be under the mistaken impression that such instances are unique to India. China, the champion...