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Tech needed to halt climate change still underdeveloped

Many of the technologies needed to stop climate change are still in early stages of development, a study of green tech patents has revealed. Greater action is required to bring them to market in time....


China’s road from copycat to innovator

By 2050, China wants to be the global technology leader in all key industries. For this to become a reality, it first needs to unleash its full innovative power. The Asian giant is making big...


Making patents useful

Harsh Vardhan, minister of science and technology, has approved a proposal that the National Research and Development Corporation should develop an Intellectual Property Exchange. The idea is appealing. The patent office receives thousands of applications...


Patent Box – Made in India

In a bid to encourage more companies retain and commercialise their patents in India, the Finance Act, 2016 includes a new scheme of taxation for incomes from patents.   We are discussing  the proposed “patent...