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Shell, BP boost profit, sink investment in renewable energy

While the big five oil companies registered record profits on the back of the energy crisis, relatively little will be reinvested in renewables as climate goals are slashed. Oil and gas giant Shell last week announced a historic...


Oil profits raise questions about tax, green investment

A string of record-breaking profit reports from the world’s largest oil companies has raised eyebrows, given that consumers around the world are grappling with a worsening energy crisis. The global energy crisis and high inflation...


Shell: Dutch government angered over HQ move to UK

The oil giant has announced it will take up a new tax residency and remove “Royal Dutch” from its name. The relocation follows a Dutch court order to slash its emissions by 2030. The Dutch...


Shareholders put pressure on oil giants

  Major oil company investors are starting to use their voting rights to speak out against a lack of climate action. Shareholders in Shell and Equinor have already had their say, now BP is in...