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UK’s Brexit Strategy

The next round of UK-EU negotiations on the pending amputation will be held next week. The UK has issued a flurry of position papers that stake out its wish list. Last month, the EU told...


Yahoo : Case of strategic failure

In 1998, yahoo had the chance to buy Google for $1-2 Mn in its nascent years. They said Google’s PageRank ain’t worth the pennies. In 2002, Yahoo had the might to buy Google for $5...


Consequence-based Strategy and critical actions

Modern Businesses, especially established brands, get so caught up in the pressure of being competitive that they want to be agile and quick to respond to any situation in the public domain. So, they quite...


PWYW: A new pricing strategy – is it really new?

Pay what you want – PWYW – as it is called is a pricing strategy. It is a pricing model that lets customers decide how much they want to pay, including zero, for a particular...

Upside of Hedging - MarketExpress

Indian Banks and upside of hedging

In an ever-volatile environment, banks can have tremendous losses if they don’t hedge against the risks. Against the frequent changes of interest rates by the central bank, banks  are left with no choice but to...