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Equities and Bonds Sell-Off

Surging yields and plummeting equities are the main developments today.   The US 10-year yield pushed above 1.80% and the two-year yield is above 1% for the first time since February 2020.  European yields are pulling...


Treasury Yields Continue to Move Higher

The new week does not mean new forces. The dollar is recouping some of what it lost ahead of the weekend after the disappointing US jobs growth, but yields continue to rise and many risk...


Collective Sigh of Relief Lifts Equities, Yields, and the Dollar

A global sigh of relief that the US will not tariff all its imports from Mexico. Equities are all higher, and the weekend demonstrations in Hong Kong over a bill allowing extraditions to the mainland...


Dollar hits 14-year high against basket of currencies

Market trading pushed the dollar to a near 14-year high compared to the euro, Turkish lira, and other currencies on Tuesday. The reason: Investors expect a surge of investment in the US under a Trump...