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Ethics-statement is a Global Insights & Analysis Sharing Platform. aims to be one of the leading providers of insights, analysis, news, roundtable conference, events + research updates in the area of Money, Business, People & Tech. In our passion to cover the areas – Money, Business, People and Tech we would like to follow broadly defined ethical framework for the independent reporting and transparent journalism.

We believe that Journalistic ethics are the foundation for any publication to prosper at the same time earn belief and respect from everyone, be it Readers, subscribers, Trade Partners and employees.

We in the digital publication business sincerely work in order to earn trust of our readers. We strongly believe that truth can be told in a non-disruptive manner and it is up to our reader to judge the fairness of our journalistic work.

At MarketExpress, facts are accurately represented, contextually reported and transparently interpreted without bias. We take utmost care while reporting. Presentation of facts and interpretation based upon independent judgments rather than preferences.Analysis in MarketExpress articles represents the utmost possible transparent view of ours rather than those of our sources, advertisers or information providers.

We constantly strive to remain independent and free of conflicts. In case of avoidance of such situation, it is our duty to report it clearly and hence we do disclose completely any conflict of interest in our articles.

Our editing functions are fully independent and does not operate under any influence from Advertisers, media and trade partners. No compromise in reporting are being tolerated at any level.

Finally, We would like to state that Independentness, Responsibility with Accountability, Truth seeking and Fair reporting are four foundations for the very basis of our existence