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Getit Enables Seamless Presence for SME

, March 31, 2012, 0 Comments

Getit, leader in directional search and pioneer of Yellow Pages in India, enables Seamless Presence for SME’s Across Web, Mobile and Social Media. The new platform powers SMEs’ across Internet, Mobile and Social Media that will help them acquire new business generate brand recall and drive social interaction.

GETIT Infoservices Pvt. Ltd’s new integrated offerings will ensure SMEs have presence across these medium from one common platform. This means an SME doesn’t have to invest additional time and money in duplicating content, products and services on each platform.

With over 100 million web users in India, media is changing drastically and so are the tools. Hence, it has become pivotal for businesses to have a holistic online presence – Sidharth Gupta, CEO, GETIT

Considering the next wave of internet users coming from mobile and social media, it is essential that each business has adequate presence on these platforms to drive traffic and generate interaction with its existing and new customers. With this Getit becomes the first company in India to provide web, mobile and social media presence through a single platform.

This platform provides a range of solutions to SMEs including DIY (Do-It-Yourself), DIFM (Do-It-For-Me) and its game-changing ASC (Automatic Site Creation) tools which is easy to deploy and manage. The other powerful features of this platform are lead generation, customer feedback, email and mobile marketing, social media interaction, etc. With growing mobile and social media traffic this solution becomes appropriate for SMEs. To facilitate the above, Getit is partnering with one of the leading technology partners from Israel, WebsPlanet.