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Three Ways Managers Lose Credibility with Employees

, January 16, 2014, 0 Comments

Managers: Boss Work Relationship-MarketExpressThe boss-worker relationship can be very delicate.  It’s a give and take that has mutual respect at its core.  Anyone who has ever been in a position of authority will tell you that it’s much easier to get cooperation when your direct-reports trust you.  As with any relationship, trust is hard to gain, but easy to lose.  Here are a three of the quickest ways to lose credibility with employees.

Lack of follow through- If your employees bring issues to your attention, request assistance or you have told them you are going to do something…TAKE CARE OF IT!!!  Good intentions are not enough when something needs to be done.  Managers expect employees to do what is asked of them and the reverse is true.  The only difference is, employees cannot reprimand managers.  But the dissatisfaction appears in the form of lower productivity, less engagement and absenteeism, all of which cost companies lots of money.

Showing favoritism– This has no place in the workforce.  Managers should not be the leader of an on-the-job clique.  Everyone gets along better with some personalities more than others.  Leaders have to suppress those tendencies in the workplace, to ensure there is no perception of preferential treatment.  It’s important that all employees feel as though they have a fair chance on the job.

Be a pushover-Good managers do not shy away from putting their foot down when necessary.  There are those employees who test boundaries and challenge authority, just to see what will happen.  If the boss ignores, explains away or continually excuses unsatisfactory behavior, everyone loses.  The problem employee keeps causing friction.  The good employees get frustrated and either leave or become disengaged.