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App Review: Stitcher Radio

, May 22, 2014, 2 Comments

App Review : Stitcher Radio-MarketExpressStitcher Radio is one of the best apps to have made its place on both the Android and Apple markets.

It currently has a collection of over 20,000+ shows that are streamed through the internet. With people barely finding time to read the news these days with crazy commutes and long work hours, accessing podcasts on the go is a boon for anyone trapped for time.

There are plenty of apps such as Pocket or Instapaper that aim to help users play catch up on news and various other pieces they find on the internet. What makes Stitcher Radio different is that it is strictly radio only giving it an exclusive audience of listeners. It boasts plenty of features such as play later, play offline (the best feature for people with limited mobile data), create your own station and many more.

Stitcher Radio is not your stereotypical radio that either features only finance/science/medicine or entertainment/music/movies radio. I was surprised to find radio stations that cater to very unique groups of people. An instance would be the presence of quite a few stations on paranormal activity. The app has a rather pleasing appearance. Despite the white text on black background (which is absolutely hurtful on the eyes of both dyslexic and astigmatism sufferers), the abundance of colorful bright images make it easier to wade through the app.

The one aspect of Stitcher radio that did not seem very convenient is how there is a lack of organization in categories. For example, there is a parent category “Finance”. Under Finance, you have plenty of sub categories. When you click on “Investing” under “Finance”, you are bombarded with a gazillion shows on investing, some of which are not exactly talk shows but mere tidbits on investing. If the shows under “Investing” were a lot more organized, it would make it so much more easier for the user to find the show at a later point in case their “Listen Later” folder gets pretty full.

On the whole, Stitcher Radio is a definite keep for anyone that is looking for something to keep you engaged during your morning commute or you’re just simply a lover of talk shows. Stitcher also offers a desktop client that provides free radio supported by ads. Get connected to the radio that connects you to any conversation.

Download and use this awesome App: Stitcher Radio – Android | iOS | Desktop


  • Lakshmanan

    Really good one. Particularly off-line listening. Good collections are available like the Economist, BBC etc. Thanks for the information.

    • marketexpress

      Yes. indeed, it is a very good tool for audio lovers, who wants to enjoy and cherish good quality #podcasts. Offline listening cloud would also come so that you seamlessly sync your offline listening episodes.