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Can electronic media harm children?

, July 19, 2018, 0 Comments

electronic-media-harm-children-marketexpress-inDid you know that screen time can cause behavioral problems in children? Or that long working hours can increase your diabetes risk? DW brings you this week’s health news, all in one handy guide!

Can electronic media harm small children?

The use of computers, smartphones and tablets can cause behavioral issues such as hyperactivity and inattentiveness in young children between two and six years old. This is the result of a study by researchers at the University of Leipzig in Germany, who studied more than 500 children for several years.

Children who were exposed to computers or smartphones on a daily basis were more hyperactive and inattentive one year on than children who did not use these types of media. Children who used electronic media were also more likely to have difficulties with other children.

The researchers advise that children under the age of three shouldn’t use any of these electronic devices and older children should only be allowed a maximum screen-time of 30 minutes a day.


Falling asleep on your laptop is not an option. Make sure to get enough rest!

Women, don’t work too long!

Women who work 45 hours or more per week have a higher risk of developing diabetes, Canadian researchers found. Interestingly, the same didn’t hold true for men. The research showed that working more than 45 hours each week increased women’s risk for developing diabetes by 63 percent, compared to women who worked 35-40 hours per week.

Overall, more than 7,000 employees were followed for 12 years. Although the researchers still don’t know why long working hours affect the diabetes risk, people who spend a lot of time sedentary at their desks should stand up and move around once in a while, as well as eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly after work.


A natural way to lower your blood sugar levels: Eat heaps of legumes.

Lentils lower blood sugar

Replacing only half a portion of potatoes or rice with lentils can drastically lower blood sugar levels, according to a new study by researchers in Canada. Using lentils instead of half a portion of rice can lower blood sugar levels by more than 20 percent. Eating a meal of lentils mixed with potatoes does the same by 35 percent.

Lentils and other legumes can slow down the release of sugar from starch into the blood. This, in turn, lowers the blood sugar levels. Certain substances within legumes can inhibit the enzymes that are responsible for sugar absorption. The moral of the story: mix your portion of rice or potatoes with lentils once in a while. It tastes great, too!