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When we say or think “A child”, what comes to everyone’s mind? Mostly we get a smile on our faces thinking about how cute they are or how mischievous they are. How can we see past that? Is there a need to see past it? Actually, yes. But the multi million dollar question is in what ways or what approach one should take.eduexpress-in-talented-kids-marketexpress-in

Kids are always full of surprises and miracles. They seem to be very normal, casual and it will look very obvious in their perspective but they have lots of potential and energy.

Initially, a child comes forward to show different things to the important adult in their life. But that person, the important human being (parents in most cases or the guardian) would not see things from the child’s perspective at all. According to an adult that might be a silly/normal thing but for the child, it is a very huge thing, and it holds lots of importance. Recognition and appreciation given, matters the most to them.

FACT: Only about 1% of the population can use either hand for almost any task.

For instance, there might be a kid who can write or work using both of his/her hands or few of them are ambidextrous. This ability might be normal and comes very naturally to him/her. But when kids shows their ability in a school or in a new environment, there things get a little bit trickier. People may be awestruck, in most cases belittle the kid’s way of doing or look perplexed, this is due to their expectation mismatch.

People are wired in different ways and in most cases they use their left brain which makes the right hand dominant to do all the work. When someone does work in an opposite way, many people among us are not ready to accept it.

Writing with both of our hands is a very rare ability. The person with this ability is known as an ambidexter. It has nothing to do with genetics or misfortune, it is an inborn quality. People with this ability mostly have symmetrical brains. Though now there is a lot of recognition for this because many celebrities like Kobe Bryant, Nicolas Tesla, Albert Einstein, LeBron James and many other actors like Amitabh Bachchan are ambidextral and successful.

But this gift of being different is often ridiculed, young kids are subjected to this trauma at an early age. Parents in this case should be alert and create a conducive environment to nurture this ability, and take the leap of faith with the right coach to assist them in this difficult journey. This precious talent or skill, if harnessed in the right way, can do a world of good for the kid’s career and personality development.

The goal is to make the kid more comfortable in expressing their talent or ability to do differently. Do not pander to the archaic way of living. Break free from the normal and just do it.

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