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Short Stories: Japan & Rising Sun -‘Wow’! It’s a dream that came true

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Last summer vacation we went to the UK and saw some places and enjoyed them. Being a travel buff, I love to explore places, particularly the east of Asia. Japan has been on my mind for a very long time. Well, we had a “World war III” to select the place but after a series of battles we eventually ended up selecting Japan.

short-stories-japan-rising-sun-dream-come-true-marketexpress-inAs usual tickets were booked and packing started one month before, along with the shopping. Days were nearing and my last exam history was completed without any hiccups. Soon the D day came and time was flying off like a bullet train. As soon as the school bell rang, all of my friends gingerly took steps towards the notice board to take a peek at our results. I was pretty nervous so I asked my friend to check it while I waited, biting my fingers. My heart was racing fast, she came back with a sad and puzzled face.

I was worried as well as scared but suddenly she burst into laughter and told me that I got good marks, A- on all subjects, and she got B+ on all the subjects. I was relieved and we enjoyed the moments by singing and dancing loudly. Then we had the parent’s meeting. Parents were also pleased and told me about my result. I felt very happy when I heard good comments and feedback from my teacher. And they suggested that we go home to finish packing as there were only a few days left until our trip to Japan.

Finally, the day came When I was over the moon. First I started to look into my luggage checklist to check whether I got all my stuff packed for the trip. After ticking my checklist, I decided to take a last look at my dog Dusky and she was also eagerly waiting for me. I started to play with dusky carefully so that I won’t get my dress dirty. After I finished playing, I took a look at my room, reminiscing about what a great cozy zone it was.

Well, it was 4:30 am and our flight was scheduled for 6:30 am. So, we started to lock all the doors and windows and sat in the car and drove off. When we arrived at the international airport it was already 6:00 am, since we had half an hour more, I decided to roam around the shops in the airport and tried to see what each store was offering. I bought a bunch of magazines, snacks, games, and books to keep myself occupied.

While I was about to leave, I saw a familiar person. Then I realized it was my childhood best friend “Shruthi”. We both ran towards each other and gave a warm hug, and she said she missed me.

As I took her to meet my parents, I was surprised to see Shruthi’s parents there. The airport’s system announced that our flight would arrive 10 minutes late, so while I was talking, I asked her why they were there. She told me that she was going to Japan and staying there for a month and 3 weeks.

I was stunned and got a pleasant surprise when she told me that they were going to visit the same places as us.
And suddenly someone called my name and while I turned back, Shruthi’s parents told me they had planned this trip together with my parents a few months back.

I was so happy and delighted to hear that. And finally, our flight arrived and we made ourselves comfortable and our seats were next to each other. “Wow! It’s a dream that came true”. The journey begins with my best friend.

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