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Investment Philosophies by Aswath Damodaran

, April 2, 2013, 0 Comments

Investment Philosophies

Book Summary: This is the guide for investors who want a better underst&ing of investment strategies that have stood the test of time. This thoroughly revised & updated edition of “Investment Philosophies” covers different investment philosophies & reveals the beliefs that underlie each one, the evidence on whether the strategies that arise from the philosophy actually produce results, & what an investor needs to bring to the table to make the philosophy work.

The book covers a wealth of strategies including indexing, passive & activist value investing, growth investing, chart/technical analysis, market timing, arbitrage, & many more investment philosophies. It presents the tools needed to underst& portfolio management & the variety of strategies available to achieve investment success. It explores the process of creating & managing a portfolio. It shows readers how to profit like successful value growth index investors. Aswath Damodaran is a well-known academic & practitioner in finance who is an expert on different approaches to valuation & investment.

This vital resource examines various investing philosophies & provides you with helpful online resources & tools to fully investigate each investment philosophy & assess whether it is a philosophy that is appropriate for you.

Author: Aswath Damodaran

Price: Rs.4250/- Less  20%