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Insights by Jagdish Sheth: India, Small Business & Pandemic | Two Questions At a Time Series

, May 14, 2021, 0 Comments


2Qs At a Time Series@ MarketExpress:

How does a small business survive in the pandemic, particularly when very little assistance is coming from various quarters, In Indian Context?



Jagdish Sheth:
It is difficult. It will require government assistance to subsidize small business, provide cash liquidity and ensure that payments for taxes and utilities are deferred.
The small business owners may have to dip into family reserves to get time. In any case, do not borrow money from the money lenders who will charge unreasonable interest rates.

2Qs At a Time Series@ MarketExpress: Best two ways that India should adapt to  tackle the pandemic after effects and boost its economy.

Jagdish Sheth:
1.Create bubbles in key locations where there are clusters of manufacturing and services and export zones.
2. Deploy digital technology and connectivity and provide assistance to make the digital transformation of small businesses.

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By Pratim Bose, Researcher, Ex Chief of Bureau of The Hindu Business Line, Kolkata, stay tuned