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Fun Apps for your android or apple phone

, August 22, 2013, 0 Comments

Apps have changed the way we use our phones and more recently, tablets today. It’s incredible how we can do so many things on the go. Be it checking your mail, banking or even book travel tickets, apps have simply simplified life that much more. We have apps for pretty much anything and everything under the sun. Here’s five of our recent favorite fun apps

Water your body
Water Your Body is an app I would consider downloading this summer. With everyone caught up in erratic lifestyles with hectic jobs, there is hardly anytime to even break for a glass of water. So for those of you who have trouble keeping up with that, Water Your Body is a great health app to remind you to drink water everyday. In addition, the app also helps you monitor and keep track of your water consumption. It also allows you to choose the size of your glass for accurate monitoring.

Gateguru is a fun app for all you travel bugs. Stop over at Frankfurt? No Problem. Just open Gateguru on your mobile device and get all kinds of information from flight statuses, itineraries to nearby shops and restaurants in your airport without having to lug yourself in search of the information kiosk. The app also has an exclusive partnership with Avis car rentals that allows you to reserve rental cars at special discounted rates. Gateguru is also great for keeping track of your travels.

If you are into learning new languages, this app is a seriously great way to learn languages. Duolingo makes language learning serious fun. I wouldn’t exactly call it a game. It’s an app where you answer questions on each level and unlock levels as you go. You have everything from basic phrases to food-related conversation, shopping related queries and many more. In comparison to so many language apps out there, Duolingo is by far the best, fun and most effective language learning app today.

Subway Surfers
Finally, my personal favorite game of this summer. A fun and colorful version of Temple Run, Subway Surfers is an endless running game where you surf through various theme city subways. You run along tracks collecting coins and special power-ups. Why I like Subway Surfers better than Temple Run is because of the graphics that is far more easier on your eyes which in turn makes playing the game more pleasurable. I also like the different themes the game takes on every time you upgrade the app.